How to Clean an Air Conditioner Fin

The advent of the air conditioner has made life much more comfortable in hot weather. Unfortunately, over time your unit may lose efficiency due to debris getting clogged in various parts of your unit. One of the parts that can cause loss of efficiency when clogged is the fins. This guide is designed to show you how to clean your air conditioner... read more >>

How to Clean Out a Central Air Conditioner

Knowing when to clean your central air conditioner is not always easy. Without actually looking inside the unit, you may never know about excess dirt and dust that have collected there. Consequently, your air conditioner may be operating at less than it's normal efficiency and may be using more electrical power than is necessary. You can... read more >>

How to Clean Coils on a Central Air Conditioner Unit

A central air conditioner is a unit that spreads cold air throughout your home or business. The air is pushed through several coils that move the air. These coils should be cleaned once a year to help avoid allergy problems and to save money on your electricity bill.

Turn off Electricity

Before working on any appliance or other devices... read more >>

How to Clean a Windowless Air Conditioner

A windowless air conditioner offers portability, flexibility and ease of use that a central air conditioning system cannot match. However, just like regular air conditioners, portable air conditioners require regular maintenance and cleaning. Over time, dust builds up on refrigerant coils and intake filters. This impedes airflow and reduces... read more >>

How to Clean an Air Conditioning Filter

Cleaning the filter of your air conditioner is essential for it to run effectively. A dirty air conditioner filter that is covered with dust and grime restricts airflow, preventing the unit to cool as it should. Ideally, you should clean your air filter once before the summer approaches, and then at least once, if not twice every month when... read more >>