Factoring Consumption into Your Split Air Conditioner Purchase

The split air conditioner is one of the most popular types of air conditioner on sale to the general public. Both window wall air conditioners and split air conditioners can be bought at local stores, but many people spend time analyzing purchase options before buying a brand. The energy consumption and pollution caused by air conditioning... read more >>

Fixing a Malfunctioning Central Air Conditioner Thermostat

The reason most of us want a central air conditioner is to have a nice cool home without a lot of fuss or bother. The most common reason for a breakdown is forgetting that as easy as a central air conditioning unit can be to use, there is some routine care it needs to continue functioning at its best.

Preventive Maintenance is Key

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Fixing Air Conditioner/Heater Dripping Sound

Often the cause of a dripping sound coming from the air conditioner heater unit is due to a lack of maintenance and a fix yourself job can save some money if the situation is addressed soon enough.

The central air conditioner has a heating unit. The heating pump is a part of the air conditioners condensing unit and it part of the larger... read more >>

Finding an Air Conditioner Filter Sucked Into Ducts

An air conditioner filter getting sucked into ducts is not an unusual occurrence. Periodic air-filter cleaning is a must to prevent this from happening. Filters get sucked into the ducts if they are faulty or have accumulated a lot of dust. They tend to wear out after persistent use. The sucked in air-filter will obstruct the air flow. This... read more >>