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Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Homeowners whose homes have no central air conditioning and the homeowner is not able to install ducts in their finished homes can enjoy cooler air during warmer months by simply performing a ductless air conditioning installation. If you are one of these home owners and would like to use air conditioning to cool individual rooms and areas... read more >>

Extending the Life of an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner unit, if maintained properly, will last for a long time. Regular servicing is a must to avoid constant repairs. Follow a few simple maintenance tips to extend the shelf-life of your air-conditioner.

Buy the Appropriate Unit

Buy an air-conditioning unit that matches the specifications of your room. Undersized units... read more >>

Efficiency of a Room Air Conditioner With 1 or 2 Tubes

A room air conditioner is the best choice for cooling a single room in your home. They are usually installed in windows to vent warm air outside the room. Room air conditioners are easy to install and less expensive. There are many different brands that offer quality room air conditioners with different features.

Room air conditioners...

Easy Fixes for Your Central Air Conditioner

A Central air conditioner is among the most common of interior temperature control devices in residential spaces. However, an air conditioner is prone to some typical problems. To understand the common problems of a central air conditioner and their easy fixes, use the following information.

Common Central Air Conditioner Problems:

Insufficient...