How to Change an Air Conditioner Compressor

A technical snag with the air conditioner compressor can obstruct the smooth functioning of the entire system. You can save yourself a lot of money by changing the compressor yourself.


The effectiveness of your air conditioner is determined by the type of compressor in the unit. Maintain the compressor on a regular basis... read more >>

How to Check the Air conditioning Thermostat Leads for Voltage

Common causes of air conditioning system issues can be related to the air conditioning thermostat. Often a thermostat may not be fully powered, which in turn causes your air conditioning unit not to function properly. You can test your thermostat to ensure it is being powered properly with adequate voltage.

Materials Needed
  • Voltage...

    How to Check If Your RV Can Support a Rooftop Air Conditioner

    If you are considering installing an RV rooftop air conditioner you'll want to make sure your RV can there are a few things you need to verify and check before making your purchase. You need to measure and verify that your RV can support and accommodate a rooftop air conditioner. Not all RVs can accommodate a rooftop air conditioner, so you... read more >>

    How to Check If a Used RV Air Conditioner Will Fit in Your RV

    When replacing or installing a used RV air conditioner into your RV there are several things that you need to verify. Before you begin the installation process of a used RV air conditioner you need to make certain that the unit will properly fit into your RV.

    • Tape Measure
    Step 1 – Measure

    The first thing...

    How to Charge a Window Air Conditioner

    If your window air conditioner is in need of a charging, you may be wondering how to go about administering it. If so, read on to learn the basics of charging a window air conditioner.

    Tools You'll Need
    • Refrigerant
    • Screwdriver
    • Leak Detector
    • Your air conditioner's owner's manual
    Step 1 - Open Your Air Conditioner

    Before...