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How the Filter Affects Air Conditioner Efficiency

Air conditioner efficiency changes over time depending on different variables. One of the most common problems is the air conditioner filter. This often overlooked problem is one of the leading factors in the loss of efficiency and can cause temperature change unexpectedly.

What the Filter Does

The filter in your air conditioner acts...

How to Change Air Conditioner Freon

While changing the Freon in an air conditioner is not an easy task, you can do it yourself without seeking the help of a technician by following some simple steps.

Freon is a pressurized refrigerant, which is used as a coolant in air-conditioners. It helps to maintain the temperature, which is necessary for the smooth functioning of the... read more >>

How to Build Your Own Air Conditioner

You do not necessarily have to be an engineer to make an air conditioner yourself. Follow the simple steps below to build your own air conditioner in no time.

Tools and Materials
  • Fan (box fan is ideal)
  • Cooler of choice
  • Aquarium pump or a pound pump , 132 GPH or more
  • 3/8-inch outer diameter copper coil, 20 feet for copper... read more >>

    How to Attach a Power Supply to an Air Conditioner for an RV

    An air conditioner for RV is an important part of the vehicle. If you've ever stayed in or traveled in an RV then you know how hot they can get in the spring and summer months. A good way to alleviate, if you don't have one, is to attach a portable unit. However, most air conditioners that are not expressly portable do not come... read more >>