How High to Install a Wall Air Conditioner?

Installing a wall air conditioner is a task that can be done by a knowledgeable do-it-yourselfer and will result in increased comfort of your living area, but it does not necessarily need to become an eyesore to either the interior or the exterior of your home. There are many things to keep in mind when installing an in-wall air conditioner... read more >>

How should I protect my home air conditioner during winter?

A home air conditioner offers comfort during the summer and spring months. But as summer turns to fall, we begin to wonder how we can protect our home air conditioner from the winter weather. For all air conditioners the first thing to do is to drain an excess water from the unit, which can be done by using the drain plug at the bottom of... read more >>

How Often to Use an Air Conditioner or Heater

The air conditioner and heater are commonplace in most households today. Though they’re great for keeping the temperature of your home at a comfortable degree, some people use them more than is needed. Frequent use can lead to higher bills and have a harmful impact on the environment. This informative guide will describe some strategies... read more >>

How Much Area Would a Window Air Conditioner Cover?

To determine how much area an window air conditioner will cover, you need to know several factors about the room being cooled. These are the room size in cubic or square feet, the size of the window you will put it in, the capacity and energy efficiency of the air conditioner and the amount of direct sunlight that will shine on the unit.... read more >>

How Humidity Affects Air Conditioning Efficiency

Air conditioner efficiency is affected by humidity because an air conditioner’s consumption is linked to the relative humidity and outside temperature. When it’s functioning correctly, an air conditioner decreases the temperature and also decreases relative humidity in your house. Decreasing moisture (which is what causes humidity)... read more >>