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How a Window Air Conditioner Works

An air conditioner has become the most common form of interior temperature regulation devices found in homes and offices. Air conditioning units are of many kinds. The more conventional form is the condenser unit type of air conditioner, found in the backyards of bigger suburban homes. Most commercial buildings have air conditioners in the... read more >>

How Does a Windowless Air Conditioner Work?

Selecting a windowless air conditioner as a cooling option is your best choice if you don't have central air and want a cooling system that doesn't block a window and allows you to open it for fresh air or access it as an emergency escape. Windowless air conditioners also allow more light to enter a room since and they make cleaning windows... read more >>

How Does a Split Air Conditioner Work?

A split air conditioner is a suitable alternative to wall, window or centralized air conditioner systems. It adequately cools a standard-sized house without requiring extensive installation costs and effort. Split air conditioners are home appliances that do not require ductwork, which reduces energy expenditures. Still, many homeowners... read more >>