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Hiding a Vertical Air Conditioner Cord

There are several reasons you might wish to hide the cord for your vertical air conditioner. You may have a young child who takes great delight in chewing on electrical cables, the cord may present a tripping hazard or it is just plain ugly.


  • Wire Cover
  • Cord Shortener
  • Paint
  • PVC Raceway
  • Cutting Implement
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape...

    How an Air Conditioner Filter Works

    When the temperatures begin to climb in the summer months, an air conditioner is a welcome comfort. The air conditioner will work to keep the indoor temperatures at a comfortable level by blowing in cold air. These wonderful machines come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and cooling capacities. There are large air conditioners that are... read more >>

    Home Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement

    The compressor may eventually need to replaced in a home air conditioning system that is often used. Usually, the outside half of a standard air conditioning system uses a refrigerant compressor. These systems are also known for their use of condensing coils. The compressor of an air conditioning system refers to the pump inside the motor.... read more >>

    Home Air Conditioner Maintenance: When Is It Time for an Upgrade?

    If you are doing your own home air conditioner maintenance you may need some guidelines about when it may be time for an upgrade of your air conditioning system. There are several factors to consider.

    Benefits of Going Green

    If your air conditioning unit is more than a few years old you may want to consider replacing it just for the... read more >>

    History of the Air Conditioner

    The air conditioner is a life changing invention. It enables the sick, elderly and those who suffer from allergies to live comfortably without complications.

    The Air Conditioner and the Historical Record

    There were many early attempts at cooling down living and gathering spaces. The first attempts at air conditioning were rudimentary... read more >>