Fixing Mold Growth Around a Window Air Conditioner

Remove mold growth in and around a window air conditioner at least once a year to prevent the spread of spores that can aggravate allergies and cause illnesses. The procedure isn't difficult and requires only a few basic tools, but you must set aside some uninterrupted time to get the job done.

Tools and Materials Needed
  • Vacuum cleaner
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    Getting the Best Air Conditioner at a Cheap Price

    When those hot months come upon you there should not be any reason why you can't have an air conditioner to survive comfortably. An air conditioner is typically an expensive purchase. Many suitable units are often a couple of hundred dollars, but this article will show you how you can get a great air conditioner at an affordable price.

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    Getting an Air Conditioner Compressor

    An AC compressor is perhaps the most important part of an air conditioner unit, and it is vital to maintain the compressor in order to keep the AC unit in tip-top condition. The quality and performance of the air conditioner relies upon the functioning of its compressor.

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    Generic and Universal Thermostat Replacement Parts

    If you wish to replace your thermostat parts, you may consider purchasing generic and universal thermostat replacement parts, rather than taking the risk of purchasing an expensive part. They may also be useful if you have an older, but still worthwhile, thermostat, where the parts have long since gone out of stock, but universal thermostat... read more >>